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We offer a range of different services, including;

Change management, business finance and

business turnaround   (Analyse - Specify - Change)  

We have developed a simple but very effective framework to help companies with change management.


As most change affects people, systems and processes the business needs to ensure all these elements are taken into account.

Our clients determine what is the change required and together we carry out the analysis using our simple but effective technique to make sure we cover all of the bases involved in the change programme.




From the analysis we then collate the output from the meeting and create a specification for the change to happen. We then review the specification for change and help define timelines, associated costs and resources required for successful implementation. We then help you deliver the change.


We focus on the business finance aspects – most businesses require money to help them with change. Business turnaround also requires help with change be it financial, structural or managerial assistance to implement change. We also focus on change where legislation forces changes in the business to happen – be it GDPR or in the future Making Tax Digital, Brexit and other events where we have little control over but, as a business, we need to act.

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