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Nothing demonstrates our problem solving abilities and expertise better than real-world examples.


Read our

case studies to learn how we have helped small and large companies overcome their challenges.

Change (ASC) 

When GDPR became law in May 2018, Augmentum worked with a broad range of companies to support them in their compliance for this regulation. By offering them a practical and pragmatic approach to GDPR we developed a framework (ASC), which not only provided the companies with GDPR but also allowed them to look at all aspects of their systems where data flowed throughout their business


With one of our clients, not only did we address their GDPR but also helped them review their sales processes; HR processes; IT strategy and financial planning.


What our clients appreciate is, that with the ASC framework, we can take any change requirement you wish to implement. By working with clients and their teams it takes into account all of the contributory factors for change, thus enabling a more informed decision to be made, and resulting in greater success for change to happen with the desired outcome.

Business Turnaround

It’s hard when you are working extremely hard, keeping everyone busy, satisfying your customers, trying to pay your creditors, collecting monies from your debtors, trying to satisfy the bank and still at the end of each month see a £25,000 loss on the management accounts. That was the scenario Glenn met when he began working with one of his clients in the construction industry.


We quickly developed the trust of the owner and the senior management team by rolling up our sleeves and providing practical business support which they acknowledged was vital in helping them, once more, gain control of the business. By establishing where the actual financial performance of the business was at, we communicated with the creditors, collected monies, liaised with the bank and kept them informed as to what the business would accurately achieve. 


We worked hard to provide accurate information which allowed the business to confidently provide all parties with the right information to allow the business to initially survive, stabilise and gain confidence, then turnaround into a, once again, profitable business.


By putting in the controls, providing accurate forecasts for cashflow, costs and sales, communicating with all parties, having a little bit of luck (which all companies need from time to time) over the space of 18 months the business turned into a £300,000 profit.


Business Meeting

Business Finance

At a business networking event Lindsey noticed that our host was distracted with a problem for his biggest client. After much discussion and teasing his concerns out into the open it appeared that his client had, at the last minute, been let down by his funder. Despite the Christmas period fast approaching, through our contacts, and within 24 hours, we introduced one of our trusted finance brokers to our host and their client.


By the end of the Christmas period, and several meetings later with the host and their client, a new finance package was put in place and the customer was ready to commence his new project - which turned out to be the first of many projects!


Over the years we have built up a network of trusted associates and contacts. 

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