Lindsey NutbeenGlenn PearsonGordon Petrie

Lindsey brings people together who require something to fulfil their business needs. She received a call from a recent acquaintance who told her; 

"I didn't know where to go or who to speak to and then I remembered our conversation so I rang you"

Delighted that her message had been clearly conveyed and therefore her objective fulfilled. Lindsey f and the rest of the professionals that work at Augmentum take an ethical and bespoke approach to every business, to fully understand what action is needed. 

For Lindsey, life skills, a genuine interest in people, the ability to hear rather than listen, understanding the importance of diverse contacts and knowing how to work with them has made her successful in connecting people. Creating and placing the pieces of a very large jigsaw is exciting and challenging, but also very rewarding. Lindsey is a fixer.

Having run businesses across various sectors of industry, Glenn has had considerable success in business growth as well as business rescue by providing practical support in change management to companies who want or need help.

Glenn’s strong operational experience has given him the skills to support companies with their business efficiency, driving up customer satisfaction and increasing profitability through providing practical business support to deliver growth and change to SMEs and owner-managed / family businesses across all industry sectors.

Currently working with companies to navigate their way through GDPR compliance by exploring the opportunities it presents to re-evaluate their current systems and processes, while working with their teams, to create positive change to the business.

He has recently become an Associate of Beer & Young which allows Augmentum to provide capital through its active network of Private and Professional investors across the UK.

The breadth of experience Gordon has accumulated over 35+ years in the IT industry has allowed him to develop a much broader approach to solving complex issues involving processes, people and systems. He combines strong relationship building with practical applications to deliver outcomes that meet the requirements of customers. The ability to break down complex problems and orchestrate the right experts both internally and externally brings a fresh approach to any solution. Gordon’s experiences have been gained across multiple industries involving start-up businesses to global enterprises.

Augmentum’s vision is to give business owners the confidence to achieve what they need. This covers not only IT strategy, it has been adapted to support other complex issues such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It involves working with the business to ensure that the people, the processes and the systems across the business are all in alignment, which is especially critical given the speed of change we see in today’s marketplace. Gordon’s analysis and problem-solving skills underpin Augmentum’s approach to deliver business change that works and keeps working.