Our approach to IT strategy for the mid market is based on extensive engagements with companies who are growing and as a result finding their IT doesn't match their growth plans.

The research has enabled the process of acquiring IT in small to medium businesses to be documented in an E-book which can be downloaded using the link below:

 Click here to download the Augmentum IT Strategy E-book.

Our approach is In line with our overall capabilities in breaking down complex change and making it understandable and actionable.

The steps include:

  • An initial workshop to whiteboard the existing use of IT that involves the management team and delivers:
    • ‚ÄčAn assessment of the existing IT and a report outlining areas of concern
    • A set of business requirements that can be used as the benchmark for any remedial actions
    • Assessment of current suppliers against the requirements
    • Facilitation and guidance of any changes