“For one of the key business drivers in 2018 (GDPR). Milsted Langdon are taking a slightly different and value added approach with our clients and prospects in respect of education and practical business advisory workshops with follow-up sessions. Our GDPR team is led by Glen and Gordon of Augmentum whose approach and values closely aligns with ours. We have already experienced the approach in action and seen how their broad business experience can break down what seems like a complex challenge and guide companies to take action.”

Business Intelligence Partner 

for and on behalf of Milsted Langdon LLP

 “Augmentum delivered a GDPR workshop to a group of business owners in the South West as part of our ongoing series of events to offer insight in topical subjects.


The audience came along with quite a number of burning questions which turned out to be typical based on the delivery of these GDPR workshops over the last 8 months.


Glenn and Gordon were able to field the questions and respond in pragmatic business terms which the audience could easily grasp and start to make decisions on what was relevant for their business.


The outcome was positive as all had a better understanding and had even gone further in exploring what opportunities GDPR could open for them.


For Optix Solutions it has had a side benefit in starting to explore how the two companies can collaborate to deliver services to the market.”



Optix Solutions

Organiser of a GDPR workshop for 25 Business owners


Super proud to be at the Helm of StroudNet today.
60+ guests.
Overwhelmed by too many questions on Cyber Security and GDPR. Thanks again to my panel guests Ian Maxted (
Safer Cyber Coordinator, Gloucester Police) , Chris Gough(RAW IT) and Gordon Petrie(Augmentum).
Blown away.

Thank you. A great start to 2018.


 The Fearless Business Coach

Organiser of the Stroudnet GDPR Panel session


 HI Gordon,

 I just wanted to say thank you so very much and I found your session one of the most insightful and useful of the entire day.

 I’m afraid my role is having me travel a lot at the moment and if I have your explicit consent to do to so (!?) I would like to retain your contact details. It’s always useful to have someone of your expertise and experience to combat the next insane problem (or opportunity) where a safe pair of hands and clear head is required.

Best wishes,


Chief Technology Officer / Chief Information Officer
AXA ICAS International

Attended the Executive Leaders GDPR Forum



“I attended a GDPR panel session where Gordon Petrie of Augmentum was one of the expert panel. The audience were able to ask any question they liked without any pre notice. What came across from Gordon was a good level of understanding of the subject which translated into an ability to demonstrate an ability to break down complex issues and apply sound business logic.

That approach has already encouraged our practice to explore a wider collaboration which I feel will develop a strong and positive on-going business relationship.”


Senior Solicitor

The Employment Solicitor

Attended the Stroudnet GDPR panel session






HCR autumn Workshop series 2017
Executive Leaders Network GDPR seminar 15th November 2017
Strategic Change by Steven Lovell - NatWest Bank, Bristol 16th February 2018
Optix Digital Trends - GDPR Workshop 15th February 2018
Sage GDPR Panel at Sage Sessions, Newcastle 20th February 2018