The modern landscape of business is changing at pace and is impacted by local, national and global drivers.

At a business level and particularly in the mid market, 50-500 sized companies who are still owner led but with a management team, the speed and scope of change is increasing which makes taking decisions more challenging particularly strategic ones which are outside the core skills and experience.

When the change required is complex and not helped by suppliers with a vested interest access to help and support from a trusted source is a valuable asset.

Augmentum have developed such a reputation and have done so in the changing market conditions we are faced with today.

We have set out to work with customers and partners in what we like to think of as "Old fashioned" values which win and retain customers who share the same values. Our aim is to help company owners break down complex business issues so that they can be understood, assesses and acted on. 

In the current market the GDPR strategic change is a prime example. Applying our approach we have in the space of 8 months established a reputation of talking and acting with common sense, logic and with an understanding of the need to keep the business running smoothly during any change.